пятница, 6 апреля 2012 г.

Games or girls.

Since the invention of games and the discovery of girls, man has been asking himself the pivotal question, "Games or girls?" Of course, there are some smart alecks that say "both" or "neither", but these answers are largely idiotic. Let's analyze.

Games: A guaranteed happiness. A game will never hurt you. It can convey a fascinating story, and propel the gamer into a new world of wonder and imagination. Games are available when and wherever you want them, in the middle of the afternoon or late at night. The gamer is in complete control of the situation, and in most circumstances, a game will last a lifetime. If one gets bored with a game, one can simply throw it out or trade it in. Games allow you to connect to people, and possibly make new friends.

Girls: A definite risk. At their best, girls can cause the utmost of happiness, but have the potential the wreak havoc as well. They require a definite commitment and often act strange and erratically. However, unlike games they will be different every day, for better or worse. Financial costs of girls run upwards of thousands of dollars. In addition, to "tie the knot", one must also procure a very expensive lump of shiny metal. Relationships may introduce you to new people, but also may sour old friendships. At their worst, girls can cause severe depression and stress. May also cause creation of "children."

In general the issue is this: Stay with the never-wavering but somewhat less pleasure of gaming, or venture forth into a world of love and risk everything for the chance for a more clompete happiness than anything else can give.
So far, I am staying with games.

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