четверг, 28 октября 2010 г.

Love Quotes

1). Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.
2). Love is strengthened by working through conflicts together.
3). The best thing parents can do for their children is to love each other.
4). Harsh words break no bones but they do break hearts.
5). To get out of a difficulty, one usually must go through it.
6). Never whisper words of love if the feeling is not true...Never share your feeling if you mean to break a heart... Never look into my eyes if all you have to do is lie... and never say hello if you really mean goodbye
7). We take for granted the things that we should be giving thanks for.
8). Guilty is stronger than lust......
9). Love is to give and give more and Lust is to take and take more.
10). If you want to give everything and take everything you are lost.
11). There is nothing called love in the whole world. It is only misguided feelings and illusions.
12). No matter whats the price, you cant walk away from love.
13). 99% perspiration 1% inspiration, That's what success is made of.
14). You really have to surrender to the love only then it comes to you.
15). I love you so much ...it hurts...

Translation into English by Natali Jackson.
Article Source Belle Donne Ucraine

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