вторник, 16 сентября 2008 г.

Russian wives abroad.

What is the purpose why the Slavic or russian ladies search for a bridegroom abroad? All the things are not that easy as it seems to be! A lot of people consider that it happens because of the existence disorder, husbands-lousers that have been left, say that they were dumped for bucks, " wise" males consider that they were looking for a comfortable and rich life. But no one wants to see the issue of the problem! The main issue is that Slavic woman while going away from their state affects the gene pool of the country with her! Not to mention that girls are the reason for a brain drain in the country, the reason is that while going overseas the girls just like the kids that they will give a birth to, will work hardfor the capital and advantagesof another state. That causes a loss of the revenue of our country! But the reason is that we ourselves force our ladies to take this sort of actions! A big part of population suppose that our state is dumpedjust by the women whom couldn't succeed in their carrier here, or who are very poor, or the girls are ugly. But this point of view is not right! There is not a certain sort of free and beautiful russian women whom are leaving overseas. The opinions that abroad go just ugly or broke ladies is very widespread, but these are mistaken. The reason is that the the biggest part of of girls are searching for a good future for them and for their future kids. They wish to survive and lift their kids in calm and ordinary conditions, without being worried about what can happen in the next second, and how this may damage theirs existance.

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